Swami Vivekanand Pratisthan's


(Polytechnic)(College Code: D-6467)



  • The campus hostel is located on Solapur-Barshi Road in green surroundings. All the hostel buildings are provided with 24 hrs. security guards. Boys' hostel building having accommodation for 100 students.
  • There are various facilities in hostels like - canteen, public phone, cold drinking water, hot water for bath, etc. For entertainment the T.V. sets are available in recreation halls. However, viewing time is pre-defined. A Doctor visits the hostel, twice a month to conduct medical check-up.
  • Hostel accommodation is allotted to students strictly on merit basis during the first year. Hostel buildings (one for boys and one building for girls) are located at Solapur-Barshi Road, Bale, Solapur.
  • However if you prefer to take up private accommodation, our hostel office will provide you with the necessary information of accommodation available at SVIT campus. Students interested in admission to the hostel will have to apply immediately after confirming their admissions.